Deep Sleep Roller

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Deep Sleep Roller

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Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. If you’re a tosser-turner, over-thinker, eternal struggler to count sheep, the Deep Sleep Roller was lovingly created just for you. Tap into tranquility with this bold blend aimed to soothe the troubled snoozer. Grab a solid night of restorative rest and wake up feeling fresh and recharged.

SCENT PROFILE LAVENDER + PEPPERMINT + FRANKINCENSE + BLUE TANSY The alluring, earthy spice of frankincense pairs beautifully with the familiar sweet, soothing florals of lavender, blue tansy, and chamomile, while peppermint packs a relaxing punch.

CRYSTAL INFUSION + MOONSTONES + A tangible connection to moon magic. HERBAL INFUSION Lavender + Chamomile Helps calm body and relax mind Daily use on the bottom of feet will help you sleep soundly



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